Sacred Time

“There is, says Pedersen, ‘ a deeper and wider motive for the rest on the sabbath day … It is not the welfare of [the] worker  […]  which is the decisive factor. On the sabbath and other feast days work ceases because these days are holy. From the force gathered around them the rest of time derives its strength, therefore all life is dependent on the maintenance of their holiness.’ … Understood this way, the Sabbath is not only a day at the beginning of human existence or the seventh day that rounds off the week, the day at the end.  Rather, it is the day at the center, as Jewish thinkers came to see it, a day that ‘permeates every day of the week.'”

Sigve K. Tonstad, “The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day,” page 119.  Andrews University Press, Berrien Springs, Michigan, 2009.