Do you really not need Jesus?

It’s hard for me to imagine how some people just don’t seem to desire a relationship with God. You feel happy about being a husband, a father, you take joy out of life without sensing any greater calling for your life. It’s interesting that you don’t desire the presence of God in your heart, and yet you couldn’t continue to be alive if He withdrew his power from your organism, for by His intentional and constant power all existence holds together. It’s funny that you could derive a sense of happiness and meaning from an otherwise godless life from the joy of being with other human beings and having, raising and loving children, when it is by God’s design that human life, and procreation, are possible. He is the inventor of marriage, the original Creator. The triune God is also the original social being.

You were made in His image – social, gifted with the capacity for pro-creating and loving and making your dreams and plans a reality (within certain bounds). You were made by Him. You exist as the precise individual that you are, only because before you came to be, He imagined you in his heart, He envisioned your face in His mind’s eye, He said, “Let there be you.”

So you get busy making a life for yourself and you make it as full and enjoyable as possible. But why don’t you recognize what has been made evident to you, that there is something more? In disregarding God, you’re disregarding not only the hand that feeds you, but the hand that made you, the mind that saw you before you existed and wanted you, the Person that willed you into existence; the heart that loved you aeons before you came to be; the arms that long to hold you even as you run from them; the soul that gave it’s life for you, before you could even be alive to appreciate it, in the hopes that one day you would choose to reciprocate His love, and accept His invitation to belong to Him forever.

How can anyone not seek to truly know the answer to the question, “Who is Jesus, really?”

It’s easy to think of talk of Jesus as empty. You could say, “Christians are silly little people who don’t have the strength of character to face reality.” But what if you’re wrong? What if the devotion of millions to a Savior they’ve never laid eyes on stems not from foolish denial, but from the gratitude of a healed heart? What if He really did die for you? What if He really lives now, and will truly one day assume the throne of the entire universe and reign over all existence, and you rejected Him when He offered you His hand in friendship? What place will there be for you in that everlasting kingdom, the only one that really matters?

I’m just asking.


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